The Juice Fairy

Hello, Juice Fairy!  You have become a great ally and friend to this Domestic God.  How are your pals, the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny doing?  Your pals are pretty damn lucky….they get a LOT of time off.  But, you Juice Fairy, you are always on call.

Not a day goes by when my wife or kids drinks down some tasty lemonade or fruit punch.  And not a day goes by when they don’t leave an empty pitcher in the fridge.  Their confidence in you is obviously strong.  For each morning you replenish these pitchers with their favorite refreshements.  It is without fail.  You, Juice Fairy,  are the David Copperfield of mythical, kitchen pixies.  You make what is not there actually appear-out of thin air.

But why do you do it, J.F.???  Why do you come to our humble abode and selflessly fill our empty containers full of your sugary nectars?  Is it because you are such a wonderful sprite?  Or is it because of pity?  Possibly, because you cannot bear to see those empty juice pitchers shivering alone in the damp, cold fridge?

My guess is that you do it because your nyphish ears do not wish to hear the whining and complaining by my thirsting roommates when their beloved juices are not prepared at their beckoning???   For it is they who refuse to fill those candied vessels!  Yet,  your service is unwavering.  Juice Fairy,  your ability to forgive the shortcomings of others is truly awe inspiring.

Juice Fairy, I cannot begin to show you my true gratitude!  Thank you for daily providing my family with the “flavor juice mix with other natural flavors” drinks they crave.

Good night, Juice Fairy.   God speed.

(Repeat in front of your mirror nightly).


3 Responses to “The Juice Fairy”

  1. Cameron Says:

    My wife will probably try to take credit for your juice situation if a more viable person doesn’t step forward. Because POOOOOOOR downtrodden wife!!!

  2. Eric Says:

    I wonder if the Juice Fairy knows the White Socks Folding Fairy from my house?

  3. Daisy Says:

    HA! This made me laugh. If your house is anything like my house, it is definitely the whining and complaining that serve as the motivators for the Juice Fairy to continue to return.

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